Digital Concept Developer

Creating kickass designs and concepts that work, is my game.


Concept development is an iterative process, testing what is being made to see if it works, and then apply what is learned. If it merely looks good but doesn’t work, then it’s art, not a marketable product.


Design is more than just how things look, it’s also about how people interact with it, be it a website, an app, a roll-up banner or a flyer. So how can we ensure that people take note and act the way we want them to? That’s what I’ll figure out!


It needs to be marketable, so knowing how Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and WordPress actually works, is a major advantage. So having functioned as in-house designer in marketing departments, I’ve had to flesh out my skillset in this respect.

Full circle, cradle to grave

A major obstacles of many designers, is to put their old designs in the grave. It’s never something to be done lightly, but sometimes you’ll reach a point where tweaking and adjusting just won’t work anymore, and so you need to kill your darling for new life to flurish.

Selected Work

GUDAVIK A modern pagan fraternity CRAFT YOUR OWN ADVENTURE Experience the great wild north in a new way ABSOLUTE SERENITY Achieve bliss at our luxurious estate GULLVEIG Honey mead - from bee to bottle


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Palle Thrane Mortensen
3 February 1983



Ternehaven 87, 4000 Roskilde
+45 3119 5512
You’re on it!


  • oct. 2017 - aug. 2019Amesto AccountHouse A/S

    Marketer & In-House Designer
    I was tasked with various B2B marketing assignments, SEO and SEM, Graphic and Web Design, Display Ads, etc., Mobile optimization and Technical support in Wordpress, and a lot more...

    The yield I got professionally was; further knowledge about SEO, SEM and tracking engagement, further experience with Wordpress, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Word, etc, in-depth experience with Google suite (Analytics, Ads, Console, etc.).
  • jul. 2015 - aug. 2017TD-K A/S

    Designer, Webmaster & Marketing
    I was tasked with convertind their old homepage into a new and improved site in 2 months, to establish the company on SoMe, set up and manage SEO and SEM, take responsibility of all graphical design, do market and customer research for an improved business strategy, B2B customer support regarding web and websites, develop a brand new concept for a B2C fiber-ISP (SuperFiber A/S), and much more...

    The yield I got professionally was; experience with designing and managing a functional business website, knowledge about SEO, SEM, E-mail marketing and tracking engagement, insights in user behaviour, further experience with designing tools (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc., in-depth experience with Wordpress.
  • jan. 2014 - dec. 2017Eirs

    Volunteer Consultant
    I was tasked with the development of a new visual identity, homepage and stationery. I represented the company in a B2B sponsor-group at Herlev Eagles. And lastly I gave strategic counseling and coaching.

    The yield I got professionally was; experience with website security, design, etc., experience with designing tools (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.), experience with coaching and relaying information in a useful way, insights into the inner workings of a B2B networking group.
  • aug. 2012 - jan. 2014Digital Concept Developer

    Student, Professional Bachelor
    In-depth knowledge and experience with Project management, Service Design and Gamification, E-Commerce and E-Business, Idea Generation and Prototyping, Business Analysis and Strategy, Online Marketing and Strategy.
  • aug. 2010 - jun. 2012Multimedia Design & Communication

    Introduction to, and experience with Project management, Basic code and databases, Graphic and Service Design, E-Commerce and E-Business, Video and Animation


I’m generally a happy man, seldom with out a heartfelt smile on my lips. I possess a can-do attitude and always look for the optimal solution to the problems at hand, based in reality and sustainability.

I love working with creative tasks; designing logos, websites, ads, POS, stationery and so on. But I also find great satisfaction in “crunching numbers” for optimized online marketing.

I’m a bit of a personified contradiction, being both a sci-fi and gamer geek, and an avid nature-nut, hiking through the woods or gathering my dearest for a night out under the stars around the campfire. In 2019 I walked clear across Scotland with my wife-to-be, and started out 2020 by being blessed with a little daughter.